Who Is The Biggest Loser In The P-Square Breakup?

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Who Is The Biggest Loser In The P-Square Breakup?

I suspect May D wakes up constantly doing one of his many gawky dance-steps with a devilish grin on his face every morning while dancing to Rora now.

MayD Dancing To Psquare Breakup

Now defunct Nigerian music band/duo, P-Square have a lot to share from their experience as a group and as distinct individual musicians of today. Before their highly publicized break up happened-I am talking about the latest and seemingly final breakup-there were a lot of inner ramblings that friends and close associates were privy to and by virtue of that relationship, stories started to leak out about their imminent break-up.

For example, there was a time news made the rounds that Peter Okoye (Mr. P now) was not the musically inclined one and was more of a dancer and well acquainted  with musical instruments, especially the guitar.

The same rumor mill hypothesized that Paul Okoye (Rudeboy now) has always been the one writing and performing most of their songs, also, Jude saw to it that most of the songs that made their album were the ones composed by him, so he was perceived to be the most important figure in P-Square.

2016 was the year that would mark the beginning of the end of the colossal music dynasty that we have come to love and cherish, that music dynasty included Peter, Paul and their big brother Jude “Engees” Okoye.

For sake of emphasis, the descriptive, “colossal music dynasty” is not just a random, carelessly chosen phrase, in the year 2015, P-Square was named by Forbes as number 3 on the list of Top 10 Richest Musicians In Africa. They were that successful.

Back to 2016, news was rife that Jude Okoye’s role as P-Square’s manager came under question and it was claimed that Paul took sides with their big brother, fans were quick to take sides and the stage seemed set. Really, details of that rift remains sketchy and the consequent mess was quickly put under control.

Damn! The dynamism of P-Square’s dynastic stretch is getting me off the mark here, the main focus of this article is to reinforce it on musicians and music lovers how much P-Square, either as a group or individual acts have lost grounds based on a senseless family squabble.

AFRIMA, The Final Nail in P-Square’s Casket.

MayD Dancing To Psquare Breakup

If you live in Lagos and move around often, the pictures of various successful African artistes that donned the different street lamps from Lekki, all the way to Mile 12 would have greeted your view for some, I think 3 weeks? Or so.  One banner to an artiste, hung to multiple street lamps. Big kudos to the organizers of this year’s run of events.

These banners were put up to serve as a promotion for the prestigious Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) that was held upper weekend and to make everyone know ‘Africa’ was coming to Lagos.

The banners were colorful and had pictures of really important musicians from Africa splashed on them. It did not take me long before I noticed that there was no Mr. P, no Rudeboy and definitely, no P-Square!

This was too much for me to handle, it did not feel normal, so I called friends living on the mainland and practically begged them to start looking out for any banner with our beloved P-Square on it. After much trouble and pestering, it became more glaring P-Square was ‘not coming to Lagos’ after all and I didn’t like the particular eyeball this sad truth stared at me with.

They both headlined this same event last year, they were given the stage, it was their own. Akon was drafted in to anchor the event this year as a co-host and given how well he had collaborated with the duo and even signed them to Konvict Music, my hope was a bit raised, maybe they have something planned, like a surprise turn up and tell us it was all a stunt…April fool’s day in November? Anything at all.

They have both come out to acknowledge they are now officially ‘upcoming artistes’, what kinda of upcoming artiste has over a million followers on IG (Peter has 3.2M) and Twitter? That is worth about N7.5Billion apiece? Ejima please! Stop teasing us. You owe us too much money and emotions collectively to be testing our wisdom.

Sadly, Nigerians are die hard music lovers and do not like to be teased too much, would you blame us? The harsh economic conditions have made us immune to expensive jokes and our threshold for non-serious issues have been vastly depleted.

Don’t get me wrong guys, everyone is on a losing end here, including you and I, we lost a good music band! But, in my opinion the biggest loser here is JudeEngeesOkoye, arguably, the only job he knew how to do best was producing songs and directing videos…only for P-Square!

Jude had said last year, in the tweet above, that it was the 4th time he had stopped being P-Square’s manager, can somebody please tell the dude to change his LinkedIn profile already, it still says he is managing P-Square. KMFT & SMH…

Do you agree? OK then, who do you think is the BIGGEST loser?

Comments are highly welcome in the designated section below:

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